My e-vite from the Commons Ethics Committee arrived yesterday:

Good Afternoon Ms. Cameron,
I am contacting you on behalf of the Standing Committee on Access to Information Privacy and Ethics. The Committee would like to invite you to appear as a witness regarding the Mulroney Airbus Settlement on the 29th on January from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.
Please confirm that you are available for this date either by email or by calling me at the number below, and I will give you more details.
Thank you,
Erica Pereira,
Committee Clerk

“So how many other journalists have been invited?” I asked.
“And who are they?”
Two, I was told. Myself and Norman Spector.
“Norman Spector is not a journalist,” I said. “He was Mr. Mulroney’s chief of staff, Canadian ambassador to Israel and was made president of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.”
He was also a senior bureaucrat in British Columbia and today, in retirement, he writes highly partisan columns and a blog.
Other journalists’ names were originally on the list submitted by committee menmbers, but they have disappeared. So, in fact, only one journalist is appearing: me. And that’s because the committee believes, I was told, that I know more about the case than the others and because I wrote a book about it.