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Culture shock: groceries

Pretty mundane task, buying groceries, but here in Jerusalem it takes some getting used to. I think that’s a polite euphemism for believing that Israel is a kind of like home except for the Hebrew, the weather, the buildings, the plants, the Ultra Orthodox, the views and the drivers. The truth is that buying groceriesContinue Reading

The Negev: a birder’s paradise

A swirl of storks


A Bedouin camp in the desert; migrating storks on their way to Africa; watch out for wandering camels; sheep and goats in a Bedouin valley 


Fruit trees in blossom, acres of pink and blue flowers and wild tulips on the way south 

Flowers, birds, sheep and camels on the way to the Negev Desert

It was overcast and cool yesterday, perfect weather for a quick toot to the Negev and the Dead Sea before heat and tourists make it less than perfect. Besides, we wanted to see the spring flowers that we’ve heard so much about. We drove south through hilly forest and farm land, enjoying the fields ofContinue Reading

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