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Sights of the Old City

Tourists are starting to come back – as the crowds at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre attest; Armenian pottery on display; Ultra Orthodox Jews going home after visit to the Western Wall


100 shekels (about $35 Can.) for light wool dresses worn by Arab women 

Food in the Arab Quarter

Chicken on a spit over charcoal; lamb chops cut to order; an orange cheese dessert (strangely delicious) and cream pastries

Jerusalem’s Old City – everyday life

Caps on a string; a charmer on his way home for lunch; sweets in the Arab market; fresh bread at the Damascus gate

Shopping in Jerusalem’s Old City

Today David and I went back to the Old City to get our groceries, not just because it’s one of the few places to buy food on Shabbat, but because the choice is so interesting and the quality is good. The passages and shops are jammed with people but everyone is good-natured. The shopkeepers, allContinue Reading

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