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Who was Bruce Verchere? And why did Karlheinz Schreiber raise his name?

Unless you were watching Mr. Schreiber’s appearance before the Commons’ Ethics Committee on February 25, you would never know that he raised, again and again, the name of Bruce Verchere. And members of this committee asked me, on February 14, several questions about Verchere. Who is this man? And why does he figure in theContinue Reading

Francois Martin: interview notes, July 1993

Interview with Francois Martin, Montreal, Friday morning, July 16, 1993 Note: I interviewed Francois Martin several times over the years and at the bottom of these notes I have attached one of the stories I wrote about him for The Globe and Mail in 1990. NB: These notes are a summary of the interview doneContinue Reading

Francois Martin

Francois Martin is a wonderful person and was courageous in speaking out about the excesses he witnessed firsthand at 24 Sussex Drive when he worked there. After quitting his job because of these, he put together a manuscript about his experiences but couldn’t find a publisher brave enough to take it; one he approached, heContinue Reading

Mr. Mulroney’s money

As several people prepare to tell the Commons Ethics Committee what they know about Brian Mulroney and money he received from various sources, I thought it might be useful to offer a brief review of some of what I have learned about all this myself. Before Brian Mulroney was elected Prime Minister of Canada, aContinue Reading


Almost as soon as I was invited to appear, I was uninvited. So many witnesses, so little time.

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