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Tiles from the Balian factory

Tiles from Balian’s, another famous Armenian Pottery. Their store and factoy are in East Jerusalem, on the Nablus Road, north of the Garden Tomb and south of the American Colony Hotel. Like the Sandrounis, they sell beautiful tiles, murals, dishes and ornaments.

Shopping in the Old City: Armenian Pottery

George and Garo Sandrouni, two of three brothers who own one of the best Armenian pottery shops in Israel; it’s in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City. A few days ago they were showing their wares to Laura Bush, when she had a few minutes to spare between demos in the West Bank andContinue Reading

Suzanis on the ceiling

Suzanis, side by side with Palestinian embroideries, decorate a shop in the Arab souk of Jerusalem’s Old City

Suzanis on the ground

Suzanis from the antiques shop at American Colony Hotel shop, Jerusalem

Shopping in the Old City: suzanis, pottery and beads

For weeks I brushed off all the imploring invitations to step into my shop, welcome, just see, look lady, you don’t have to buy, just see lady, welcome, welcome, please, have some coffee, maybe mint tea?The merchants in the Old City are desperate for customers but even in the good years, good years which haveContinue Reading

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