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I do not understand my new passion for camels

Camels, camels, everywhere! I am besotted and bewildered by these amazing animals.


A herd of baby camels on the road to Wadi Rum in Jordan 


Kids getting camel rides at a gas station on the way to Jericho. Getting off seems to be the tricky part. 

Say cheese!

Camels at Petra – characters, all and how vain. Not that you could blame them; look at those wonderful saddlebags. I like the one with the great teeth and the one sleeping with her head in the sand.

Lunch: In Jerusalem, at the Mahane Yehuda Market, it always starts with pita

Steps to fresh pita: making the dough, patting it into a round, stretching it over a round disk of cloth, slapping it against the wall of a ferocious oven powered by gas, letting it bubble and brown

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