“Cameron’s storytelling is excellent, with characters and events introduced early on and a climax that pays off later … this true-life tale is thrilling and tragic.” —The Gazette (Monteal)

Blue Trust has all the ingredients of a gripping thriller — except it’s all true. In the late 1980s Bruce and Lynne Verchere had it all. He was a successful tax lawyer whose clients included Brian Mulroney, and bestselling novelist Arthur Hailey. She was a computer software entrepreneur whose innovative systems revolutionized office management throughout North America.

When Lynne’s company was sold Bruce could finally afford the extravagances he had long coveted: a plane, a yacht, a summer home in Maine, and a condo in Telluride. Through intricate manipulation, he was able to secrete his family’s wealth beyond the reach of the taxman and even his wife.

Then Bruce Verchere fell in love. The desperate affair and dangerous ultimatum that followed provide this true story with a chilling climax. Blue Trust is a complex tale of high drama brilliantly told by one of Canada’s most admired investigative journalists.