There could be a change this Friday, August 13, to the last remaining publication bans that still hang over the Robert Pickton case.

Lawyers are meeting with Judge Jim Williams, the man who presided over the trial, to argue about the bans — in particular, the one that prohibits the media from using the nameof the woman who barely escaped with her life, in 1997, from a knife fight with Pickton in his trailer on the farm.

If the judge decides to keep the ban on her identity, I will have to use a pseudonym for her just as other journalists have been doing.  But keeping a ban on her name is pointless in my view; there are literally hundreds of websites on the Internet that tell her story and use her name. I named her myself in my book, The Pickton File, in 2007. At that time there was a ban on the testimony she gave during the 2003 preliminary hearing; today that testimony is public but her real name has been put under a ban.